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ROAR - Japan Mt Fuji Expedition June 2022

Dear President Vernon and ROAR Committees:

I received the corrected report of ROAR-J Mt. Fuji expedition on June 2022 from Mr. Tsujihara JH2HZC today.

Im attaching the final report here.  Please check the number of QSO (Red number).  Increased on 21MHz SSB, 21.250MHz SSB, and 144MHz SSB and 435MHz Digital contacts. Note that the maximum power allowed for Portable stations is limited to only 50Watts for HF In Japan.

It was our first trial of expedition this time but we felt the expedition worked very efficiently to make promotion of ROAR on the air.

As Mr. President Vernon wrote us, ROAR only use radio waves to announce Existence and significance to all over the world.

Unfortunately, due to poor conditions and limited times, we couldn’t work many overseas stations but we were very lucky to able to contact Past president of ROAR Bill VK4ZD and Diane VK4DI on 21MHz. 

We have very good experience for the expedition, we will make much better results for next time.  Sincerely hope we can do it again.

All the best 73! From JA land.  We appreciate ROARs kind cooperation in advance.

Note: A detailed cost analysis in spreadsheet format has been provided to President Vernon.

De JH1NVZ Tim Masuda